It's totally normal to line up your hair-wash days with special events. We all do it! But, more often than not, the alignment tends to go a little bit off and you're left to deal with greasy second (or even third or fourth) day hair. Do you wash it again? Do you use dry shampoo? The struggle is real. Well, before you send yourself into a frenzy, there's a third option that'll help you beat the grease, without compromising on the style. Just conceal that bad hair day (without a single trace of ever having one), through simple hairstyles that'll put every strand in place. We've broken down 5 hairdos you can opt for on those lazy days when you want to sneak in a few extra snoozes and skip the hair shower.

Space Buns Hairstyle

When in doubt, space it out! This easy  hairstyle  is a quick updo  for a  second day  greasy hair,  which comes with a fanbase of its own. Start by parting your hair in the middle and combing it into two high ponytails on either side. Secure the ponytails and start braiding them into normal braids. Now wrap each braid around the start of the ponytail to create a bun. You can secure it with another hair tie, and some bobby pins to make sure it stays put. Spray on  Livon Shake & Spray  to keep the flyaways and baby hairs at bay.

High Braided Ponytail Hairstyle

Second-day hair is often a little greasy--so why not take advantage of it and pull it into a sleek updo? Begin by brushing your hair out and pulling it into a high ponytail. Make sure to comb out the front and pat it down so that it looks sleek and stylish. Secure it with a hair tie. Now, start braiding your tail, ensuring that each braid is as tight as possible, from the top of your crown all the way to the ends and secure. Loosen out the first braid, right at the top to prevent the braid from falling flat. Tada, you're all set!

Bubble Ponytail Hairstyle

Cute. Cute. Cute. If you're looking to amp up a boring ponytail, this easy hairstyle is the way to go! You can start this look by pulling your hair up into a ponytail. It doesn't have to be too high, just somewhere below your crown would do. Tie it with a scrunchie or a hair tie. Apply a few drops of  Livon Anti-Frizz Hair Serum  to smoothen out the tail and prevent it from frizzing up. Tie three hair ties apart from each other on the ponytail. Once it's secure, pull out and loosen each section, to form a 'bubble-like' shape. Comb the end of the ponytail, and voila! your look is complete!

#ProTip: Jazz things up with colourful hair ties or scrunchies, instead of a plain black one. You can even use a ribbon on the last hair tie and wrap it into a bow.

Classic Pigtails Hairstyle

Throwback to your childhood, when pigtails were only reserved for school! This take on the nostalgic hairstyle is actually trending RN. It is one of the go-to  hairstyles for second -day greasy hair  that gives a chic and clean look. Start by centre-parting your hair and dividing it into two sections. Comb away, until the front is flat. Start braiding each section--when you braid your hair, make sure you continue over your shoulder towards your back and not in the front. Secure. Pat your hair down. Now, here's where you get creative. Pull out your best hair clips (clip-on, press-on, or even colourful bobby pins) and place them on either side. This will also keep those baby hairs in control.

Front braid with Half Ponytail Hairstyle

Take a cue from Ariana Grande's iconic ponytail but give it a fun twist! Begin by taking a small section from the front of your hair and separating it from the rest (we'll get back to this later). Comb your hair into a half ponytail and secure it! Instead of flattening the ponytail, start fluffing it up instead. It's time to go back to the front of your hair. Centre-part that area and divide it into two sections. Create a tight and thin braid all the way to the end. Repeat on the other side. This gives an edgy twist to those face-framing front flicks!