Our roundup of the top 5 celebrity approved hairstyles which you can effortlessly take from day to night. Have a crazy day at the office with a cocktail party right after? We got you covered!

Classic with a twist

Chic buns are synonymous with the workplace. But what if we told you, you could just as easily sport a chignon to a night out, albeit with a small twist? Take a cue from celebrity hairstylist Owen Gould who recently created an overlapping hair panel bun for Euphoria actor Hunter Schafer. The firmly gelled front section means business, while the back of the hair is playful in its panels and visible bobby pins. Livon Anti Frizz Serum  will help keep the flyaways in this versatile look that will see you through every occasion, formal or otherwise. Expert tip? This makes for a great wedding bun hairstyle.

The iconic ponytail

The beauty of the ponytail lies in its simplicity-it is an inevitable go to on both good hair days and bad. A sleek low ponytail works equally well with a suit and a ballgown. Brush your hair until it is smooth and apply Livon Damage Protect Serum.  You can opt to use some heat appliances at the ends for a subtle wave. Part your hair in the middle and pull it all back in a low ponytail. Hairstylist Riawna Capri opts to add a gold accent to Modern Family actor Sarah Hyland's hairdo for a more glamorous finish.

Versatile waves

We can't think of any event wavy hair isn't perfect for. Whether it's a long day of meetings or a night out celebrating a dear friend's birthday, this hairstyle is the perfect fit. All you need for these versatile waves is a one inch curling iron and some hairspray. Separate your hair into sections and work your way from the front to the back, in vertical sections. Once you're done, loosely run your fingers through the waves and generously spritz some hairspray so they can last the entire day.

The braid of our dreams

Braids are equal parts elegant and fun. Plus, you can opt for a number of variations-regular, fishtail or even a french braid. A great hairstyle for people with every kind of hair texture, simply make sure your flyaways are tucked in neatly. Pro tip? Add an accessory to your hairdo to make it statement whether it is a scarf or a metal coil inspired thread. Rachel Brosnahan's version is our favourite braid for long hair.

Sleek locks

Sleek locks

We're all familiar with the morning frenzy of making it to work on time but also making sure that we haven't forgotten anything before leaving the house. When you're running low on time, there's no hairstyle that's as much of a fail safe as sleek locks. Comb your hair until it's smooth, put on heat protectant and use a simple flat iron to achieve this look. It is efficient, quick and has an instantly uplifting result. You can choose to part it in the middle as is classic or opt for a more retro inspired side parting as preferred by model of the moment Bella Hadid.