Festive season or not, ethnic wear has always proven to be quite timeless. Whether you choose to wear a glamorous saree or a simple chikankari kurti, there's an element of elegance that comes along with it. So why pair such a gorgeous outfit with a boring and understated hairstyle? A well styled mane acts like the perfect accessory to your ensemble --as a matter of fact, it adds that special 'X' factor to it. We've narrowed down easy-to-do and rather stylish celebrity-inspired hairdos that will breathe life into your desi-girl vibe. From simple waves to sleek hair buns, and twisted braids to those easy-breezy curls, scroll down to take your pick from our curation of these ethnic-perfect hairstyles that'll take your look to a whole new level.

Ring Hairstyle

Ring Hairstyle

A hairdo that is a true work of artistry is a  ring hairstyle.  This hairstyle is trending this festive season, and you must try it if you want to showcase a unique swirl of your personality.  A ring hairstyle  can give you a statement look that will ensure several compliments come your way. The coveted ring curls hairstyle can be achieved with patience and technique. Start by properly conditioning your hair and applying  hair serum  to keep away those frizz and flyaways. Use a small-barrelled curling iron to get tight curls in small sections. Make sure to use thin layers of hair strands to achieve a classic look. Apply hair spray at the end to secure your signature ringlet effect!

Waves Galore

If you really do want to wear your hair down, why not give these beachy waves a try! It is a  festive hairstyle  that can never go wrong and gives you the youthful look that you desire. Before you go ahead with your curling tongs, apply a small amount of heat-protectant serum to prevent damage. Divide your hair in three sections -- bottom, middle, and top. Begin tonging your hair into big curls. You can either use a wider barrel or simply take thicker sections of hair when curling it. Repeat this in all sections. Once you've let all your curled hair down, run your fingers through your locks to loosen out the curls into beachy waves. Remember, it needs to look soft but not messy, so avoid ruffling your hair too much.

The Braid Brigade

If your hair is still wavy from last evening's event, don't need to restyle it again. Put the front of your hair into a thin french braid that blends into your waves. Let the braid flow to the area behind your ears, so that the rest of the hair flows into your already-created waves.

The Sleek High Ponytail

Greasy second-day hair? Fret not! Pull your hair up into a sleek high ponytail. For starters, make sure your centre parting is only a little bit visible -- the rest of your hair needs to blend into your crown.  Use a serum  to smoothen out the front of the section and apply the residual product on your ponytail to keep the frizz at bay. You can amp up the look by accessorising the ponytail with a blingy hair-tie or even some floral accessories.

The Messy Low Ponytail

This easy-breezy messy ponytail complements any festive outfit. Begin by applying a  damage-protect serum  evenly across your locks -- we're going to start by creating waves with a heated tong. Section your hair in three different parts -- top, middle, and bottom. Start by creating waves using a smaller barrel tong and repeat for each section. Once your entire hair is waved properly, run your fingers through them to open them up and create those messy waves. Now, grab your hair into a low ponytail (keeping a centre-part) and secure it with a hair-tie. Use a fine-toothed comb to neaten the front section of your hair (especially near the parting). Using your fingers or the back of a fish-tail comb, start loosening a few strands around the crown to give it that soft and messy vibe.

The Tight Rope Braid

Sleek, stylish, and sexy, this neat rope braid gives your outfit a contemporary twist. Start by gathering your hair into a sleek ponytail hairstyle, depending on where you want to start your braid -- it's best to start somewhere around your crown. Once you've gathered it all, secure it with a hair-tie. Wrap a thick strand from the tail around the hair-tie and secure it with some bobby pins. Section the ponytail in two halves -- divide the top half in two (just like you would for a braid) and twist the two over each other. Repeat this movement over and over, while you pick up small sections from the loose section beneath as you move along. Continue along as you reach the end and secure with a hair-tie.

#ProTip: To give it a slightly more glamorous touch, feel free to weave in an accessory by adding it to your ponytail just before you start the rope braid.