We've always looked to celebrities for inspiration, especially when it comes to hairstyles. Whether it's Madonna's edgy 80s messy waves, Posh Spice aka Victoria Beckham's sleek 90s bob, or our very own Sharmila Tagore's 60s bouffant, these hairstyles have definitely secured a place in the hair hall of fame, and are still a go-to for many, even today. While most trends tend to fizzle out or look ridiculous in retrospect (yes, the Mohawk is one of them), some simply just get better with time--these hairstyles are actually more popular than they ever were to begin with. We've curated 4 classic hairstyles spanning across iconic characters and style icons that are still relevant, even today.

The 'Rachel' Layers

Made famous by Jennifer Aniston's character Rachel Green in the sitcom FRIENDS, this layered hairstyle became the go-to in the 90s. It is one of the most  iconic hairstyles  that took the world by storm. Every woman wanted to rock the layers, admiring the definition and structure it brings to the face. It is hands-down the style that never went out of fashion. To date, this face-framing hairstyle flatters women of all ages. It is truly a classic. To get layers like this, start by applying  Livon Damage Protect Serum  on dry hair. Now, section it into four parts. Begin by blow-drying the bottom layer inwards with a roller brush. Once you're done, start with the second and third sections in the middle, but this time blow-dry the hair outwards. When you reach the top section, divide it in two--the front and the crown. Start by blow-drying your crown area--the hair needs to be styled inwards. Now repeat the same for the front. Create a slightly off-centre parting. Ruffle your hair up a little, to give your layers that volume and natural fall.

The Curly Carrie

The Curly Carrie hairstyle

Sarah Jessica Parker's character Carrie Bradshaw will go down in history as being the girl next door, with a whole lot of style. Other than her shoe collection and amazing style, Carrie's messy curls also became the talk of the town. In a time when straight hair ruled the screens (well, mostly), her bed-head curls really stood out. To recreate this look, start by applying Livon Damage Protect Serum to your hair. Section it and piece by piece, start curling your hair with a medium barrel tong. Once you reach the final top layer, centre-part your hair and continue to curl. Run your fingers through the curls to open them up a little (but not too much). This will give it that #IWokeUpLikeThis touch, without being too messy.

The 'Daenerys' Braid

Daenerys braided hairstyle

Daenerys' breathtaking braids are one of the many, many things we take away from the legendary Game Of Thrones series. While her braids were created on a head of very white hair (which was a costume wig for most of the series), that shouldn't stop you from trying them out on your own. And for this look, we've picked a simple yet striking one! Start with a side parting. Take a small section of your hair (right next to your temple) and start by twisting it into a braid--make sure to pick up a section of loose hair as you move along. Secure with a hair tie around the crown. Repeat this on the opposite side, until both braids meet. Secure them together. Let the braid flow naturally into your hair. Feel free to tong the ends so that waves are intensified. Pull out a small section of the hair from the front (make sure it's straight) and let it frame your face.

The 'Waldorf' Hairband

waldorf hairband hairstyle

Sass and hairbands are the two accessories Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf never left the house without. Waldorf's character on the hit TV drama was lauded for her style--she brought to life the once-famous hair accessory. The character is seen sporting these stylish headpieces in many of her looks. From pearls to bows, waves to buns, she pretty much wears them in different ways. Recreate this simple look by tonging your hair to create soft curls. Next, side-part your hair. Add a little oomph to it, by loosening the larger section of the side part so that it covers a bit of your hairline and secure it with bobby pins behind your ears. Finish it off with the Blair Waldorf touch, aka, a large hairband with a bow. Your look is now complete. XOXO!