For the longest time ever, curly hair was never given the credit it deserved. We straightened it, brushed out the curls, and basically made those coils pretty much non-existent. Thankfully, we've finally come to a place where curls are loved--no matter what the shape, size, or form! As a matter of fact, thanks to this acceptance, we finally know that there are so many different types of curls out there--spiral, loose, tight, coily, wavy. "Curly hair, don't care", is an actual statement a lot of girls stand by and we couldn't be more proud. Since we are embracing this hair type in all its glory, why settle for boring hairstyles? Let your curls shine in their unique shapes and forms, from spirals to waves and coils with curly hairstyles. To make it easy for you, we've narrowed down 4 curly hair hairstyles that are simple, but not-so-basic!

The Up-Top Bun Hairstyle

A classic, the high-top messy bun is definitely a go-to for every curly girl. This time, however, instead of just bunching it up, we're going to give it a little bit of style. This type of curly hair hairstyle will amp up your look and the best part is it looks equally good on western as well as traditional attire. Isn't it fantastic! To achieve this look, begin by detangling your curls with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb. Accentuate the curls by twirling your hair and adding a little curl mousse. Pull your hair into a ponytail--make sure it's placed a little above your crown--and secure with a hair-tie. Now, wrap the curly ponytail around your hair-tie to form a messy bun. Feel free to use bobby pins to hold some of the hair together, so that it doesn't look too unruly. Once again secure with a hair-tie. Using the end of a fish-tail comb, pull out a few strands from the front, to add a soft touch to this messy look.

The Sleek Side Sweep

Curly hair and the term 'sleek' don't go hand-in-hand very often--and this look is the exception to the rule. Side-part your hair and using a comb, flatten out the narrower area of your parting and stop combing when you reach just above the ear. Use a strong hold mousse or pomade to keep the hair in place and secure it with some cool and colourful bobby pins. This is where you can tap into your creative side! Feel free to place the pins in a pattern--in this case she's gone with an 'XX'. Sweep the rest of your hair on to the back or the opposite shoulder. Voila! Your quick and funky curly hairstyle is ready to hit the town!

Two Ponytails With Braided Twists

If you are a fan of fun curly hairstyles,this look is for you. It will surely remind you of your childhood days as most of us used to rock that two-ponytail look in school days. However, we have given it a unique twist to make it work wonderfully for you. Begin by scrunching in some curl defining cream to accentuate those curls. Centre-part your hair and take out two symmetrical sections from the front on either side of the parting, and braid them separately. Now, create two small sections behind the braids and make a ponytail on either side --make sure the crown area is left loose--and secure the two half ponytails with a clear hair-tie. Give the two ponytails a bit of a lift by tugging the hair apart. Let the rest of the hair flow into the curls naturally.

Twisted Scarf Bun Hairstyle

A silk scarf is a must-have hair accessory, as it can instantly take the most basic hairstyles up a notch. Begin by taking a brightly coloured or printed scarf, looping the end, and tying it with a rubber band. The scarf should have a gap wide enough to loop in a thick section of your hair. Leaving an inch or two gap from your hairline, take a section of your hair on one side and loop it into the scarf and tighten it so that it's secure. Wrap a small section of hair from the side and loop it over the scarf--with each wrap, add more hair from the side to the section and keep going till you reach the nape of your neck (where you would ideally tie a ponytail or bun). Twist the rest of your hair into a bun and secure it with a hair-tie. Now, wrap the rest of the scarf over and under the bun, and finish off with a subtle bow underneath it. Use bobby pins to secure the scarf in areas that feel a little loose (like the bun, or where your hair twists into the scarf).