Date night always calls for something special! Your hairstyles don't necessarily need to look like they're red-carpet ready, but they do need to have a tad amount of flare. Whether you're going for a sundress, jeans and bralette, or even the classic LBD, the right hairstyle takes your entire date night look to a whole new level. Just like red lipstick, the right hairdo makes for the perfect accessory -- and that's why skimping out on it is never, ever an option. Bookmark these date-night-worthy celebrity-inspired hairstyles that won't let you or your hair down.

High Ponytail Hairstyle

The iconic high 'Kardashian' ponytail gets a date-night appropriate makeover. It's the simplest hairstyle   ideal for a date   that does not require much effort but gives you an elegant look. Begin by applying some  Livon Super Styler Serum  to your hair. If it's damp, make sure it's completely dry before you pull out the hair straighteners. Section the hair out and start straightening each part. Tip: keep a fine-toothed comb above the straighteners while you style each section. Once your entire mane is poker straight, pull out two sections of hair in the front put the rest up into a high ponytail and secure with a hair tie. Comb out the two sections to neaten them.

#ProTip: Use an aluminium foil sheet to iron out any frizz on your ponytail.

The Sleek & Steady Bun Hairstyle

If classic date night is more your vibe, then this bun hairstyle is more up your alley! It's a timeless date night hairstyle that never fails to leave a pleasant impression. Start by parting your hair on the side (the farther apart the parting, the more glam it'll look). Comb both sides and neaten the hair, before tying it into a ponytail. Now, wrap the tail around the hair-tie into a tiny bun and secure it. Using the end of a fishtail comb, slowly lift the larger front section of your hair. This look pairs well with an LBD and a classic winged eyeliner.

Y2K inspired Baby Braids

y2k-inspired baby braids

If you are someone who wants a charming look, this cute hairstyle for a date night   is meant for you! This  Y2K-inspired braided hairstyle  will surely hit the nostalgia button. If you're rocking a straight mane, then amp it up with some teeny-tiny braids. Comb your hair out and part it in the centre--start by braiding a small section in the front on both sides of your hair. Make sure the braid is tight. Now, take another small section in the direction between the front and the crown and braid it yet again. Repeat on the opposite side. Do this multiple times (2-4 braids on each side), making sure the braids are created on the topmost layer of your hair. Use your fingers to brush out any tangles or frizz that's formed on the loose part of the hair.

Subtle Hollywood Waves Hairstyle

Think of this hairstyle as a tinier sibling of the iconic Hollywood-do! Section out your hair and start curling each section with a thicker barrel curling tong. Make sure the curls are intense towards the ends and not so much at the top. Think volume at the bottom. Repeat for all the sections -- however, for the top layer switch to a pair of straighteners to flatten out and straighten the crown area. Make sure to not go over the curls. Run your fingers through your hair to open the waves, but don't tousle them! Finish off with a side part!

Dramatic Waves Hairstyle

Thought we ran out of date night hair ideas? Well, not yet! It's time for dramatic waves. Wear it messy and wear it proud! Messy curls or waves are having their moment right now, and we couldn't love it more. If your hair is greasy and you can't be bothered to give it a wash, try tonging it instead. Use a thin barrel wand or tong and create tight waves. Once your hair is fully done, run your fingers through it and tousle it to create messy waves. You can even scrunch your hair to lift it up a little. Remember to keep it as messy as possible, without taking away from the style!