It's time to mark our calendars -- the season of festivities is finally coming our way! The upcoming couple of months carries a handful of festivities that require all things glam. In such cases, when there are events back-to-back, we often have our outfits and makeup sorted ('cause nobody wants to be spotted in the same outfit two events in a row, right?). The one element, however, that people often tend to play safe with are their festive hairstyles.

We've curated 5 easy hairstyles you can kickstart the season with. They're quick and simple, yet oh-so-glam and elegant -- so why not, give your basic hairdos a break this season and opt for one of these gorgeous looks instead!

The Wrapped-Up Braid

What's the quickest hairstyle that can immediately give your locks an upgrade? A ponytail. But this stylish hairstyle isn't your average ponytail -- it has a bit of a twist (quite literally). To achieve this hairstyle this festive season , start by whipping your hair into a very low ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. Take a ribbon and gently secure it within the hair tie. Divide the ponytail into three sections and start creating a normal braid -- as you do make sure to include the ribbon as you go along. Once you reach the end, secure the braid and the ribbon with a hair tie. For a slightly more chic look, you can tug on the sides of the braid gently to loosen it up a little.

The Retro Glam

If you want to give your ensemble a retro-esque feel, then why not accessorise it with some fresh roses? This  hairstyle is a winner in the  festive season with  short hair as well as long hair beauties. So, get ready to amp up your look with The Retro Glam. Begin by tonging the ends of your hair into soft and loose curls - before you start curling, make sure to prep and protect your hair with a  heat-protectant serum. This prevents hair from heat damage. Once you're done curling each section of your hair, run your fingers to loosen out the curls and make them more wavy. Now, side-part your hair and tuck one side behind the ears. It needn't be tight, just make sure it's pinned well! You can now add two roses or any small flower of your choice on the same side that's tucked in. Although this look fits in well with all kinds of ethnic wear, it is a particularly great saree hairstyle one can opt for during the festivities.

The Classic Bun

How can we talk about festive hairstyles and not mention the sleek desi bun? This one is a classic -- it never really goes out of style. There is no surprise why we see so many girls pulling the classic bun look during festivities. It's easy, it's quick and it's timeless! Part your hair in the middle, but don't go all the way to the crown. Neatly comb down either side and pull it back into a low ponytail. Temporarily secure it with a hair tie. Comb back the hair around your crown and smoothen it out. Twist your tail and wrap it into a bun, ensuring no hair sticks out. To give it a slightly desi touch, wrap a gajra around the bun and secure it with a bobby pin or two. Since this look needs to be super sleek, spray on some hairspray and brush it down with a toothbrush to keep your baby hair in place. This will also smoothen any flyaways and frizz!

Twisted Half Up Half Down

A cute hairstyle that can be crafted in more than one way, the half-up-half-down hairdo is perfect for this time of year. Start by taking a small section of hair from the front and twisting it all the way to your crown. As you move along, feel free to add a fancy (but tiny) hair-tie to break the twist, and then continue to your crown. Repeat on the other side too, and let the ends connect just below the crown. Secure it with bobby pins or a fine hair-tie. Run your fingers through the ends of your hair to settle it down a little.

#ProTip: This hairstyle looks good if you wear it straight, as well as wavy or curly. If you are planning to style it though, remember to keep the ends as natural looking as possible

The Party-Ready Ponytail

This festive hairstyle may seem complicated, but it is pretty easy to recreate! Put your hair up into a high, messy ponytail -- you can even lift the crown a little for that oomph factor. You can do this by backcombing a small section of the hair near your crown, before pulling it into a ponytail. Do remember to comb and pat down that area a little, so that it doesn't appear dishevelled. Secure your hair into a tight ponytail. Using the end of a fishtail comb, simply loosen the front section a little. Pull out a strand each from either side of your face. Complete the look with a blingy accessory that'll instantly give it that #partyready vibe.

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