There was a time when long hair was considered the ultimate goal. Mainly because there was an assumption that there are multiple ways to style it-after all, there is a lot more 'hair' to work with. But that's not the case. Medium hair isn't boring, if you know how to style it well. There are a plethora of options available that go beyond the usual. Take cues from your favourite celebrities, from Priyanka Chopra to Deepika Padukone, everyone has mustered up the courage and have taken a slight chop! So, what's holding you back? We've broken down 5 medium hairstyles that are anything but boring-style them with ease regularly-we guarantee you won't miss your long hair one bit!

#1 - The Low & Loose Bun

Tied-In Ponytail
Image courtesy - @lucyhale on Instagram

Start by running some heat protectant serum through your hair and divide it into three sections. With a curling tong, begin creating those waves-with each wave, make sure you twirl it with your fingers to accentuate that curl. Feel free to use a hairspray as you go along, for a better and longer-lasting hold. Continue for all sections. Now, run your fingers through your hair to open up the waves a little. Centre-part your hair and take out two small sections in the front. Pull the rest of your hair back into a bun and secure it with a hair-tie. Gently, loosen the hair around your hair-tie a little, so that the bun doesn't appear too tight.

#2 - The Messy Lob

Messy Lob
Image courtesy - @deepikapadukone on Instagram

Where messy bed-hair meets style, this hairdo is perfect for those lazy days. Start by sectioning your hair into three or four sections. Use a thicker barrel tong to curl only the ends of your sections. Add some curling mousse for a stronger hold. Repeat for each section. Run your fingers through your hair and ruffle and scrunch it a little-this'll add that messy touch to your lob. Finish off with some serum, to add an extra layer of shine to your hair.

#3 - The Sleek & Slender Chop

Sleek & Slender Chop
Image courtesy - @aslisona on Instagram

If you've got a blunt lob and want to show it off even more, take cues from this gorgeous and stylish hairdo. Use a straightening serum starting off with this look. Divide your hair into four sections-and begin with the lowest section. Brush the hair out and start styling with a pair of hair straighteners. With each mini section you're straightening, run a fine-tooth comb through it. Repeat it for each section. Centre-part your hair and let it fall naturally.

#PROTip: If you want to add a boho touch to the hairstyle, then braid the front section of both sides of your hair and secure with a colourful hair-tie.

#4 - Tied In With Braids

Tied-In Ponytail
Image courtesy - @prachidesai on Instagram

Give your medium-length hair a bit of an upgrade with a braided hairstyle. While it may seem a little complicated to look at, it's actually quite simple to recreate. Begin by blow-drying your hair, ensuring that your curls sit outwards, especially the bottom section. Part your hair to one side, and instead of creating a straight parting, go zigzag instead. Take a section of your hair in the front and start making a braid-keep adding hair to the section as you move along. Braid your hair, all the way to the crown and secure it with a hair-tie. Repeat this on the other side. Spray some hairspray on a toothbrush and brush your hair in the front to keep the frizz at bay and tame any flyaways.

#5 - The Slick Back Style

Slick Back Style
Image courtesy - @vanessahudgens on Instagram

Elegant and oh-so-classy, this hairstyle is perfect for those 'special' occasions. Spray on some  styling serum  and begin straightening your hair. When you do, make sure you bend the hair outwards so that it sits on your shoulders. Once your entire hair is straightened, comb your hair back neatly and pull it into a small half-ponytail-instead of using a hair-tie, pin the hair back with some bobby pins. Feel free to use a hair gel in the front of the hair, for that wet hold effect.