Livon Shake and Spray Serum
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Shake & Spray Serum

For All Hair Types

Get on-the-go salon smooth and ultra glossy hair

About the Product

You leave home looking great. We know you spend time doing up your hair every morning but by the time you reach office or college, aren't you shocked at how frizzy & messy your hair looks?

When luck is not on your side, Livon Shake & Spray Serum is! Made for all you girls who spend so much time outdoors, Livon Shake & Spray Serum cuts hair frizz on-the-go and boosts gloss instantly. A spray which can easily be carried in the bag, it has Vitamin B fortified water & serum glossers that give you fab hair whenever, wherever.


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Instant frizz free hair with Livon
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Instant Frizz-Free hair

Express Moisture with Livon
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Provides Express Moisture

Easy To Carry For On-The-Go Styling
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Easy to carry for on-the-go styling


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Infused With

Livon Shake and Spray Serum
Moroccan Argan Oil


Vitamin B


How To Use
Girl in braidsGirl with braids

Step 1

Divide hair into 2 sections.

Step 2

Spray generously on both sides.

Step 3

Finger comb, spread evenly & style your hair the way you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

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