Who doesn't love getting their hair done? A messy mane, especially when it's unintentional, can make anyone look like they're having a series of bad (hair) days. While we all love to pamper ourselves every now and again at the salon, styling our hair professionally every single day isn't really practical -- ain't nobody got time for that. So, does that mean we need to accept defeat and bow down to the bad hair day Gods? Never! Say hello to easy-to-do hairstyles that make styling your mane every single day a breeze. Giving your locks that style quotient sans the arm workout and multiple accessories, these hairdos make for a great go-to on those good and bad hair days. Scroll down to see our picks of 5 cute hairstyles you can sport every single day of the week!

A Simple Blowout

There's nothing a simple blowout can't fix! It's a classic  everyday hairstyle  that does the trick every single time. You can easily take this hairstyle from office hours to mocktail evening as it goes with anything and everything. Begin by applying  Livon Damage Protect Serum  on damp hair -- this look requires your hair to be smooth and frizz-free, and the only way forward is through a good serum. Now, divide your hair in three sections - top, middle, and bottom. Start with your bottom section (to make it a little easier, you can divide each section in three parts too). Using a roller hairbrush and a blow-dryer, begin styling your hair making sure the curls turn outwards. Remember your hair needs to be completely dry. Repeat for every section. Side-part your hair and tuck the larger front section behind your ears. Secure with a bobby pin. Use the loose section of hair from the same side to cover the tucked in piece for a more elegant touch.

Retro Pony With A Bow

One of the best ways to amp up second-day blowout hair is to pull it back into a neat ponytail. It's a  cute everyday hairstyle  that don't require a lot of effort and gives you a million bucks look. Make sure you secure it near the crown with a small rubber hair-tie. Once it's in place, wrap a ribbon around the hair-tie and tie it in a bow shape. You can even use one of those large scrunchies with a bow to do so. The hair-tie you use to secure the retro pony look is important so choose a cute scrunchie to make things fun! Run your fingers through your hair, to ensure that the ponytail curves outwards.

Messy Top Bun

When in doubt, bun it up -- but make it stylish! Start by brushing out your hair, making sure that it's detangled all the way through. Scoop it into a high ponytail first and secure it with a hair tie. Then twist the tail into a messy top knot and secure it with a hair-tie. Pull out two strands of hair from either side of your face -- this will frame it and soften the look a little. You can even use a tong to create those waves. Remember to apply  Livon Damage Protect Serum   before using tongs on your hair to prevent any damage.

Messy Half Ponytail

Date night? Brunch with the girls? We've got you covered! Start by tonging your hair into light beachy waves -- you need to do this section by section to ensure that all your hair is curled properly. Run your fingers through your hair to tousle the waves a little and give it that messy effect. Take a section of your hair starting from just above your ears and comb it back into a half ponytail. Make sure that the front is a little lifted and doesn't fall flat on your head. You can do so by gently tugging your hair around the hair-tie to lift it.

Pro Tip: Waves and curls hold best on second-day hair, so take advantage of the grease and avoid styling this on freshly washed hair.

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Bubble Up

Are you one to always get ready in a rush? Then this cute hairstyle is definitely for you! A subtle bubble ponytail added to the front sections of your hair is a sure-shot way to amp up what would've been a boring hairstyle -- especially if you want to wear your hair down. Take a small section of hair on both sides (centre-parted) and begin tying them with small hair-ties down the tail. Create the bubble effect by tugging each of the sections to open them up a little. Feel free to use multi-coloured hair ties to add that quirky effect to your look. You can never go wrong with this hairstyle so when in doubt, go for bubble up.