Admit it ladies—hair serum is a godsent product for your locks. Especially if you live in a tropical climate like India where heat and humidity leave your hair unmanageable and unruly, a good hair serum will instantly put your hair worries to rest. That is probably why every hair stylist will always lead with ‘apply a hair serum’, as one of the main hair care rules. But why is it so significant? Well, the truth is that hair serums are more than just a styling product and play a huge role in taking care of your tresses. The  benefits of applying hair serum on hair  are immense and its uses go beyond just keeping your strands in place. Scroll down to read more about the  hair serum benefits  and how to add it into your routine. 

Hair Serum  Benefits

hair serum benefits

First things first, it’s important to note that hair serums are not the same as hair oils. Hair serums are lightweight in nature and their main purpose is to fight frizz and smoothen the lengths of your hair. Now onto what makes hair serums so special. Here are some of the most important  hair serum benefits you need to know of -

1 - It Keeps The Hair Frizz At Bay

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One of the biggest  advantages of hair serum is that it helps keep the hair frizz at bay. Hair serums are often loaded with ingredients that condition your strands, and therefore have the power to tame frizz and flyaways. An anti-frizz hair serum like  Livon Anti-Frizz Serum, which has the goodness of Moroccan argan oil & Vitamin E, is definitely a go-to post a shower and through the day, whenever your ends require it.

2 - Detangles Away

Ever noticed your hair getting tangled, even when you step out of the shower? A hair serum essentially helps you manage those knots, without causing breakage. If you’ve got unruly and unmanageable hair, adding this product to your routine will make your hair easy to manage and style.

3 - Adds Shine To Your Hair

Another benefit of using a hair serum is that you’ll notice how within moments of application, your hair looks healthy and shiny. Apply 1-2 sprays of Livon Shake & Spray Serum making it shiny, sleek, and oh-so-glossy. 

4 - Hydrates Dry Hair

Dryness is one of the leading causes for hair damage, and a good hair serum is sure to prevent that. Hair serum hydrates your locks. Hydrated hair means that it prevents future breakage, split ends, and so much more. It also adds a much-needed shine to dry hair. 

6 - Protects Against Humidity

Ever tried straightening your hair, only to find it in a poofy mess minutes later? You can thank humidity for that. Using a hair straightening serum will not only straighten your hair but also make it smooth & glossy.

7 - Protects Against Heat Damage

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Heat from styling tools can often damage the cuticles of your hair, resulting in dryness, split ends, frizz, and breakage. A heat protection hair serum  like  Livon Damage Protect Serum will help protect your hair from heat damage caused due to any styling tools like straighteners or curling tongs or blow-dryer.

Hair Serum  Usage

hair serum uses

Here are some of the ways in  which you can use your hair serum.

1 - To Tame Frizz

One of the main  hair serum uses is to tame hair frizz by hydrating your hair and reducing the appearance of split ends. Also, using a hair serum is a great way to tame flayaways and baby hairs.

2 - To Protect from Heat Styling tools

Using a hair serum before styling your hair with a heated tool helps protect your locks from getting damaged further. 

3 - To Enhance Straightness

If you are looking to boost straight hair opt for a hair serum that not only straightens but also smoothens the hair. Remember, the smoother and more frizz-free your hair is, the sleeker and straight it will look.

4 - To Enhance Curls

Hair serums can also be used to enhance curly hair and boost the hydration level of those curls. Opt for a hydrating serum which should add shine to the curls and give it a natural bounce.

5 - Hairstyles for All Occasions

Hair serums can help enhance any and every hairstyle! It is a great partner to have for any occasion like meeting friends at a cafe, weddings, party, college festivals, etc. You can also use hair serum every day. It adds that ultimate salon-like shine and leaves your hair with a gorgeous finish, perfect enough to pull into any and every hairstyle. Wearing a braid? Simply apply a few drops of the Livon Serum to your hair to get salon smooth hair that is easy to style. Now, your hair is ready for the sleek and elegant braid.  Wearing your hair down? A few drops of Livon Serum is enough to keep your hair look fresh and neat. 

6 - A Quick Fix, On-The-Go

Hair serums make for a great travel buddy, especially when it comes to fixing your hair on-the-go. It’s probably one of the quickest and easiest ways to refresh your hairstyle when you&39;re travelling too!

There are so many  benefits of hair serums , so include it into your hair routine. From taming frizz to adding shine to making hair soft and manageable to even protecting from heat damage, this everyday hair product does it all. Pick the right hair serum that works for your hair type and needs, and you won’t look back!


When Should I Use Hair Serum?

You can use the hair serum - after hair wash, before styling your hair, on dry hair, before leaving for college/ office/ get-together, while attending wedding/ on festivals.

What Does Serum Do To Hair?

Hair serum fights frizz to softens the hair, tackles tangle, adds shine and makes your mane more manageable, so that you can style it the way you want to.

Can We Use Hair Serum Daily?

Yes, it is completely fine to use your hair serum daily.