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Here are the top trends that you can try out ASAP, fresh off the runway.

Glimmering skin

Bare beauty is here to stay, and we feel that we are going to see many more launches of products that help you achieve shimmery skin thanks to iridescent skin being a key beauty look from the shows. You can either use different kinds of highlighters (powder, cream and liquid will help you achieve different finishes), shimmer shadows, or even primer-highlighter combos that will give an ethereal glow from beneath the foundation. Or you could straight up apply some glitter directly on your cheekbones.


Stick-on jewels

It’s been long since season two of Euphoria was released, but Maddy’s effect is still strong. Stick-on jewels, be it for face accents or your hair, have been a huge hit since the release of the show. Models sported rhinestone-decorated, braided hair, and eye accents to match glittering couture pieces.


Models were also sporting rhinestones on the lower lash line for certain collections. All you need to replicate this trend is just head to the nearest craft store.


Coloured mascara

A standout look from the season was the coloured mascara. Blues, purples, and even orange, the coloured mascara stood out against colourful and neutral smoky eye looks, designed for a collection that was all about power dressing.

The middle part

Almost every show had models doing different versions of the middle part. Be it all natural with flyaways and loosely tied hair or a sleeker version with glossy blunt bobs. You can also try a middle part with the help of braids to define the face frame.

Middle Part Hairstyle - Livon Style Tribe

Red lips

While Indians don’t need a reason to experiment with colour with ease, red lipstick turned out to be a season favourite in Paris as most designers did a different version of red lips to show strong, powerful dressing. They showed us that there is the perfect red for everyone. Be it matte, warm, or cool-toned, or glossy, there is a shade for us all.


Since 2021, we have seen every cool girl on Instagram posing in face-framing braids. Now the hot-girl-summer look has entered Fall too but is more complicated. What's hot are precision braids, braided to highlight your face.

SOS for bad hair days - Livon Style Tribe


Braiding your hair is a great way to tackle many hair issues. If your hair is looking messy in the front or on top, you can braid on top with a ponytail.You could also use Livon Anti-Frizz Serumon your hair to smoothen out the frizz, and then create


face-framing braids to make your hairline look neater. You could even just create one single braid to define your middle part.


Slick it

Sometimes, it’s just not the day to leave your hair open. Instead of wasting time before heading to work, quickly get a coin-sized amount of gel and slick back your hair according to a parting you like. You could also do a deep side part to change things up a bit. You can wear your hair in a pony, or even wrap it up in a bun and finish the look with a scarf tied around the bun. You could also slick the entire length of your hair and create a poker straight low pony.

Iron it

The rains can make your hair look wavier or frizzy as there is more moisture in the air which the hair reacts to and starts acting or rather standing up. If you have a meeting to attend or a cocktail party too, first use the Livon Super Styler Serum for heat protection before you start ironing.


Now create sections and iron your hair section by section for a super sleek look that will last you till you wash your hair. You could also just iron the front two sections and leave them out and tie the rest of your hair in a top knot.



So often, your hair looks fab when you style them at home, but as soon as you step out, it has a life of its own. For such situations, it’s best to wrap a scarf around your head when commuting and just take it off once you reach work for great hair..

You could also keep a bottle of Livon Shake & Spray Serum in your handbag and use it to give yourself a smooth hair refresh on-the-go. With this, you don’t have to worry about getting frizz-free hair, anytime, anywhere.

The truth about toners - Livon Style Tribe

Be it any festival, what’s guaranteed is that you have many errands to run, and you have no control over what you are eating, but the fun is worth it. This festive month begins with Navratri and then Diwali, which means that you are going to eat a lot of sweet and fried delicacies, you’ll be wearing makeup longer, and will


Toners are simply an extra step to serve a function that is impossible – close pores.Pores cannot be closed; they can simply be reduced in size over a long time and that needs treatments and maintenance as well. They also do not prepare your skin for any serum. Cleansing does what toners don’t. Cleansing removes any dirt or residue from the skin so that serums can penetrate easier. People often also like to use toners before applying makeup, as it temporarily reduces the visibility of pores.


Skin experts say that it feels good as it gives you the same effect as when you apply spirit or ice, but the effects aren’t permanent, and you should moisturize and prime your face well for the makeup to sit better rather than depend on toners. Most primers use silicones to create an even layer to improve makeup deposition, and toners just give a temporary effect.


You can use mists (you will still need a primer) instead for a dewy makeup look, mists that are made with the right ingredients, for reducing oil secretion, for improving hydration, and for cooling off the skin in hot weather conditions.

While cleansing the pores well, toners give you that tingling effect as they often contain drying alcohol-based ingredients which instantly help to tighten the pores but very temporarily. Toners add very little benefit, one or two percent to what you're doing overall. Nobody has the time to apply 20 things on the face and you can't continue a tedious routine for long. What's not necessary can be skipped. Some toners also have active ingredients (such as glycolic acid) that are designed to replace a serum or add to a serum if you have very oily skin, and you don't want to layer your skin too much. However, these toners don’t do much, and there are serums and creams that help much more.

Hot in the world of K-Pop - Livon Style Tribe

Here’s all the dope on what’s hot right now.

Statement T-shirts

When in doubt, stick to basics, this is what we have learned from our K-Pop stars. And one of their easiest go-to pieces is the basic T-shirt. It can be an oversized T-Shirt in a solid colour, a graphic one, a bedazzled one or even a tie-and-dye T-Shirt. There are many options, you can wear them with jeans, with formal pants to work, or skirts too.


As glamorous as K-Pop stars look in the videos, they often prefer to wear simple outfits (like T-Shirts). And athleisure and streetwear continue to remain the most popular choice for their off-duty dressing. They show us how sportswear isn’t just for playing sports, you can look cool in statement track pants too.


Mini backpacks

Off to school? Not really. Mini backpacks are a favourite with K-Pop stars when on the move. It’s just big enough to fit a snack, your makeup basics, a water bottle, and your wallet comfortably, making it ideal for when you are on the move. Tiny purses are another big international trend, which has been loved by K-Pop stars too.


Bucket hats

This cutesy trend has always been a part of K-Pop and K-Drama stars’ looks, but the international popularity of bucket hats has now made them a must-have accessory in every fashionista’s closet.


Cute phone case

Fans of K-Pop stars often eagerly wait for their stars to share direct updates on their Insta. And a cute phone case often pops up in their selfie updates. So, if you are star material, you need that perfect phone cover to look cool in a mirror selfie too.

Mermaid Hair

Avril Lavigne showed us how emo style will never go out of fashion. She matched her orange hair with her eye makeup and created a complementary smoky and glimmer look with lower lash accents. Unlike Swift, who wore red lipstick with eye stickers, Lavigne kept her lips nude, with all the focus on her eyes.