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Livon Hair Straightening Serum

Straighten Your Hair Like a Pro

There isn’t a style in the world that perfectly straight hair doesn’t go with, and now achieving it is easier than ever, with Livon Hair Straightening Serum. Get super straight, super smooth hair for up to 12 hours!


Straighter Hair Every Time

Applying Livon Hair Straightening Serum is a gift that keeps on giving. Not only does it make your hair straighter with every application, it also protects every strand and reduces hair breakage by five times, breakage that is common when you use a straightener.


Straight Hair in a Snap

Straighten your hair at home instantly with the revolutionary product which is infused with heat activated protein.


5X Less Breakage

Coats every strand to protect it from dryness and damage resulting in minimal breakage.


All Day Perfection

Hair that’s frizz-free and super smooth for up to 12 hours straight!


Straighter Hair. Faster.

Gives straighter hair with every use, thus cutting down on styling time.


How to Use



Divide hair into two halves and spray generously on both halves.


Using your fingers, comb and spread it in from root to tip



Allow your hair to dry naturally or use a blow dryer.



Once dry, use a straightener and get perfectly straight hair.



  • Q1. How does my hair become straighter with every use? Science time!

    Ans. We all know that our hair is made of one of the strongest proteins out there, Keratin. Our product with heat activated protein, helps realign your hair protein structure every time you use it, and with it, you hair gets a little bit straighter.

  • Q2. Can this be used on dry hair? I don’t shampoo every day.

    Ans. You’re in luck, you don’t need to shampoo before using this, just spray away on normal hair and get the look that you want.

  • Q3. Can I skip the straightening iron and just blow dry?

    Ans. Just blow drying will also nearly give you the straight hair you want, but using the straightening iron after applying it will make it picture perfect.