Livon Serum for Dry & Unruly Hair, 100 ml

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About this item

  • Specially Crafted for Dry & Rough Hair: If you have dry, rough, rebellious or excessively frizzy hair, Livon Serum for Dry & Rough Hair is made for you
  • Intense Hydration: Enriched with moroccan argan oil extracts, Livon Serum for Dry & Rough hydrates your hair without giving it any limpness
  • Intense Smoothness for 24 Hours: Now, get intense smoothness for 24 hours with just a few drops of this hair serum
  • Eliminates Frizz: This serum for dry hair instantly eliminates frizz and tames flyaways giving your hair the much needed smoothness it deserves
  • Rebellious to Tamed Hair: This hair serum for women brings back much needed volume control over rebellious hair
  • Smooth, Salon Finish Hair: Apply to your hair before making a hairstyle to boost moisture and add smoothness to give you smooth and glossy, salon finish hair





Helpie FAQ

  • Q1. My hair is dry & rough but I hate the feeling of products weighing it down, which is why I avoid using anything after I shampoo my hair. What should I do?

    Ans. You will love using Livon Serum for Rough & Dry Hair! We’ve made this with a light-weight formula ensuring that it works perfectly for your hair giving it the moisturization it deserves and yet your hair will feel as light as a feather on a breezy day.

  • Q2. I’ve tried other products and all of them work for a bit but as soon as I step out, my hair becomes frizzy and I get frazzled.

    Ans. With Livon Serum for Rough & Dry Hair, we’ve turned it up a notch and ensured that you enjoy intense smoothness that lasts for 24 hours.

  • Q3. Love this! But I can’t shampoo every day. Does that mean I can’t apply it on other days?

    Ans. We love the energy! You don’t have to shampoo before applying this, just damp your hair a little and you’re on your way to conquer the world.

  • Q4. Help me fight frizz please.

     Ans. You’ve got a Warrior in your hands (if you’re holding Livon Serum for Rough & Dry Hair while reading this), not only will it help you fight frizz but it will also help you tame those pesky flyaways.