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Stylists To The Stars

Priyanka Borkar

Stylists to the Stars

Priyanka started her hair adventure at the tender age of 17, since then she’s trained with the best in India and the UK. She’s been the chief hairstylist in over 25 movies and has worked with everyone from Priyanka Chopra to Alia Bhatt.

Amit Thakur

Stylists to the Stars

Amit’s curiousity got the better of him and he stepped gingerly into the world of hair, now he’s responsible for creating defining hairstyles for the rich and the famous, everyone from Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor to the Ambanis. He’s worked with some of the biggest hair brands in the world as well including Dyson, Dafni and Sugar Bear.

Our Bloggers

Aashima Makhija

Best of Bloggers

Ashima can teach you a thing or two about the business of beauty. She left her job as teacher to become a beauty blogger, reviewing different products for her ever-growing fan base and now has launched her own range of makeup brushes called Glasm.

Anam Chasmawala

Best of Bloggers

Aanam can help you answer the three critical questions of fashion As the founder and director of What When Wear she creates enthralling content for all things fashion, beauty and travel. She’s won the Miss Bombay Times Fresh Face contest and hosts a series of segments on popular TV and radio shows.

Naiya Sehgal

Best of Bloggers

Naiya is an engineer in the making but her passion for fashion and hair is what’s garnered her a loyal following throughout India, she loves experimenting with colours and textures and her tips and tricks will keep you coming back for more

Nilam Parmar

Best of Bloggers

Nilam believes in finding a way or making one. Her views on fashion, beauty and hair care have garnered her an impressive following, she has slowly emerged from her chrysalis to become a true blue fashion monarch.

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