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Livon Serum - Salon Finish Hair Every Time You Shampoo

No lines, No queues.

Head straight from the shower to your salon at home. Get drop dead gorgeous hair in the comfort of your room with Livon Serum.

Your Salon in a Bottle: Salon Finish Hair Guaranteed!

A small dab is all it takes to detangle, de-frizz & fight dullness leaving your hair super smooth & ultra-glossy. We’re for everyone. No matter how you like to keep your hair, we’ll give your hair the salon finish it deserves.


Frizzy to Super Smooth

Livon Serum is loaded with micro-smootheners that can readily realign cuticles and tame frizz in a single application and in seconds.


Dull to Ultra Glossy

Livon Serum instantly makes your hair 50% glossier, giving your hair a super gloss boost!

Perfect, Salon Finish

Livon Serum instantly detangles your hair, cuts through frizz and gives your hair the perfect, salon finish every time and makes your hair look fab. Always.


Instant Moisturization

Infused with potent Moroccan Argan Oil extracts, Livon Serum quenches your hair with a burst of moisture giving it a glossy finish.


How to Use


Divide your slightly damp hair into two halves. Pour 2-3 coin sized drops of Livon on your palm and spread it evenly between your fingers.


Finger Comb

Run your fingers through the hair to evenly distribute the serum.


Pat down the flyaways and tame the frizz on top of your head using your fingertips and you’re done!

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  • Q1. I’m worried about this weighing my hair down and making my hair look limp & oily​

    Ans. You’ve got nothing to fear! Livon Serum is made using a light-weight formula so that it doesn’t feel sticky at all. An invisible liquid, it gives your hair the smoothness & glossy boost it needs without making your hair limp. Your hair feels so light, you’ll forget you’d even applied it.​

  • Q2. I’d love to have salon finish hair every day but I don’t want to shampoo frequently. Does that mean I can’t apply it on other days?

    Ans. You can use Livon Serum without shampooing your hair, and we’ve made it so that no matter what state your hair is in, you can get salon finish hair in seconds. You don’t have to shampoo everytime before applying this; just damp your hair a little and you’re good to go.​

  • Q3. Help me fight frizz please.​

    Ans. You’ve got a warrior in your hands (if you’re holding Livon Serum while reading this). Not only will it help you fight frizz, but it will also help you tame those pesky flyaways.​

  • Q4. My friend swears by her bottle of Livon, calls it her genie in a bottle, what’s so special about Livon Serum? ​

    Ans. She’s not wrong, but we grant more than just three wishes, Livon Serum can fight frizz, tame flyaways, make your hair super smooth & ultra-glossy, and all of it using a light-weight formula that works on any hair type.​

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