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Livon Heat Protect Serum

Don’t Let Your Hair Face the Heat!

An epic hairdo can often come at the cost of lasting hair damage. No more! With Livon Heat Protect Serum, each strand will be shielded from the damage caused by heat. Now, never worry while using your favourite styling tools, because you get heat protection up to 250 degrees and what’s more, 2X less hair breakage!

Spray and Style!

It’s that simple! Just spray Livon Heat Protect Serum on your hair before using any heat styling appliance, and get the perfect look with every style. Whether you’re straightening, blow-drying or curling, we’ll make sure we protect your locks and make them look super smooth & ultra-glossy without any frizz or flyaways!


Instant Heat Shield

Livon Heat Protect Serum, infused with heat activated protein, works instantly to offer protection from the moment you start heat styling


2X Less Breakage

Offers the right amount of heat protection, whether you’re using a straightener or a dryer, so that there’s less breakage.

High Heat Protection

Livon Heat Protect Serum shields your hair from heat till up to 250 degrees Celsius, so that you can get the style you want without the worry of damage.


Super Smooth Finish

Gives your hair that super smooth, salon finish look with a glossy boost!


How to Use



Divide hair into two halves and spray generously on both halves.



Using your fingers, comb and spread it in from root to tip.


Style as desired using your favourite blow dryer and use hot iron post it for even, sleek styling.


  • Q1. I have fine hair. Will this weigh it down if I spray it on wet/damp hair?

    Ans. Nope, we’ve made it easy and light to use for all hair types. You don’t need to wet your hair before using this, just a quick spray and you can style away.

  • Q2. Is this safe for colour treated hair?

    Ans. We’re happy to say that the Livon Heat Protect Serum passes with flying colours and is absolutely safe to use, giving you the versatility you need to get your favourite style.

  • Q3. Does this help in taming static?

    Ans. It does! Our Livon Heat Protect Serum, with its special conditioners, acts as a sealant to the cuticle and helps in insulating the hair from excess static charge.


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