Livon Serum

Head straight from the shower to your salon at home. Get drop dead gorgeous hair in the comfort of your room with Livon Serum


Livon Shake & Spray Serum

Livon Shake & Spray Serum cuts frizz on the go and boosts gloss instantly. So go ahead, keep Livon Shake & Spray Serum in your bag and get express salon finish hair anytime, anywhere!


Livon Colour Protect

From the lightest hues to the deepest shades, whether you have completely coloured hair, streaks or highlights, we’ve got you covered.


Livon Serum For Rough & Dry Hair

Hate how your hair refuses to be under your control? Tame those tresses with Livon Serum for Rough & Dry Hair! It breathes life into dry hair, giving it intense smoothness that lasts for an entire day. Now let those locks loose and flaunt that salon finish


Livon Heat Protect Serum

Now, never worry while using your favourite styling tools, because you get heat protection up to 250 degrees and what’s more, 2X less hair breakage!


Livon Hair Straightening Serum

There isn’t a style in the world that perfectly straight hair doesn’t go with, and now achieving it is easier than ever, with Livon Hair Straightening Serum. Get super straight, super smooth hair for up to 12 hours!


Livon Cream For Curly Hair

The much needed hydration to your curls which not only help define them but give them an ultra-smooth, silky feel you’ll love.


Livon Anti-Germ Hair Spray

Your hair is as exposed as your hands and face, making it vulnerable to all kinds of germs and microbes in the environment. So, every time you safeguard your hands and face, don’t forget to safeguard your hair too!

Sometimes, your hair just can’t keep up with you. And we know that hair is everything. Which is why we’re here to make sure that no matter what comes your way, your hair is always as ready as you are.

Your Salon in a Bottle!